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Paweł Wątor

co-owner / head chef

Mateusz Trzeciak


Ewa Betka

Event manager

Jakub Rząd


Artur Śpiech
Artur Śpiech

sous chef

Bartosz Stanisławski

Chief of the Bar

Social Responsibility

Workshops for students

Since 2015, we have been training students in catering schools throughout Poland.
Since 2019, we have been conducting free theoretical classes at the Gdańsk School of Gastronomy
and practical classes in Eliksir.

Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

From the very beginning, we have been playing with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
auctions: culinary workshops, bartending workshops, tasting dinners, live cooking and much

A heart for pots

The annual initiative of Tri-City chefs, from which all income is transferred to
various types of social and charity goals.


Every year, we donate 1% of the income from the operation of the restaurant and our business
event for various types of charity for the most needy.

Zero Waste

We operate in the spirit of zero waste. We try to use each product in 100%. Did you know that with you can prepare lemonade from orange peels,
and from tomato and potato peels
can you prepare tasty and healthy chips?

We are eco

We are constantly implementing various ideas to be more eco-friendly, such as metal straws or
use of the ecological laundry!

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