Eliksir – Restauracja Gdańsk, Wrzeszcz, Garnizon.

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The team

Pawel Wator

executive chef / co-owner

Mateusz Trzeciak


Ewa Betka

event manager

Mateusz Krac


Artur Śpiech
Artur Ponisz

head chef

Damian Ziółkowski

chef of the bar

Social Responsibility

Trainings and apprenticeships

Since 2015, we have been involved in educational programs by sharing our knowledge and experience with students in catering schools across Poland.
In 2019, we have started providing free theory and hands-on classes for students at Gdansk School of Gastronomy,
giving them an opportunity to use their practical skills in Eliksir’s kitchen.

WOSP | Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Since the beginning of our existence, we have been playing with Wielka Orkiestra Swiątecznej Pomocy – one of the greatest charity events in Poland-by donating
our services /culinary workshops, bartending workshops, tasting dinners, live cooking,
and many others to the auctions.

Serce do garów | Pot full of love

We are part of the annual initiative of Tri-City chefs,
from which all proceeds go to charity.


Every year we donate 1% of the income from the operation of the restaurant
and our events to various charitable causes for those who are in the greatest need.

Zero Waste

We operate in the spirit of zero waste. We strive to use every product 100% – for example,
by turning orange peels into lemonade, and tomato & potato peels
into tasty & healthy chips.

We are green

We are constantly implementing different ideas – like metal straws
or the use of organic laundry- to be ecofriendly.

We have been distinguished by:

We have been distinguished by: